About GR Printing & Equipment

GR Printing Equipment Company has over 15 years of expertise and has established itself as one of the major stock lists of high-quality used printing machines. A product line includes offset presses, paper cutters, paper folders, and all finishing equipment, all of which we are purchased from local printers directly in Canada & USA. We are well situated to meet your requirements for used pre-press, offset printing machines, and finishing equipment. Our main goal we buy surplus printing and finishing equipment for our stock for local buyers and the global export market.

We have developed a solid business by purchasing used printing machines in bulk, from a single component to a whole plant, and selling them to the rest of the world. Furthermore, stock quality is crucial, and at GR Printing Equipment, we take pride in ensuring that the products we buy and sell are in the best possible condition.  

We strive to provide you with the most outstanding product for your needs at the best price possible while maintaining our reputation for dependability, affordability, and quick shipping.   

Whether you need a machine for a small or large project, you can be confident that we have something suitable in stock. We can provide these services in tandem with or in addition to the purchase of a used printing machine.

Don’t hesitate to contact us by calling on 416 824 0236